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Together with St. Candida in Montevideo

August 19, 2016

Seeking to bring St. Candida closer to the young people and make her known to the people with whom we normally share life, we thought of recording a novena with a proposal for reflection, St. Candida phrases and current songs. We called it “Praying with St. Candida”.
The realization of the proposal began with the invitation of two young people, Valentina and Federico, to lend their voices, and then writing the scripts, and immediately, recordings and editions. Starting on August 1 many young people and some adults were invited to join us in prayer. Every day we received the echo of what touched them and their thanks. Through the media in which they communicate, St. Candida was reaching them.

On Saturday, August 6, young people were invited to participate in the parish Mass and then to the house to share our typical pizzas. Around 40 young people spent the night at our house communicating joy and enthusiasm.
On Tuesday we began the day with Lauds and the desire that she accompany us on the day’s work. In the evening, we invited some adult friends to share the Eucharist and to meet again in our house. Some young people were also present.

For us it has been a beautiful experience to share our spirituality in the person of St. Candida. We feel grateful for so many blessings received.

Sisters of Montevideo