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Treasures of the heart: sharing what Mother Candida loved

May 31, 2023

Find a quiet place, get away from those things that can distract you and immerse yourself in a calm reading of the answers to the question: What did Mother Candida love? We invite you to explore her legacy and connect with her love for Jesus.

Teresa Pinto FI. Rome

He loved people, the weakest. Her expressions of care are many and constant in her letters referring to the sick. From tradition has come down to us this expression of M. Candida: “Take good care of yourselves, especially the sick”. Candida: “Take good care of yourselves, especially the sick”.

She knew from experience what it was like to feel weak and sick, to want to and not be able to. She wanted to go to a house, to travel, to move, and on more than one occasion the disease stopped her.

She had experience of radical poverty and when one lacks health she lacks the most basic thing and, when she has it or recovers it, she recognizes that she has received it, that it is life itself and, then, she recognizes the gift.

Personal experience, trust in God -from whom he receives life and the meaning or mission that drives it-, the God of Jesus, his story… they take it to others. Relationships are important to her and she takes care of them.

M. Candida loved the sisters, she cared for them, for their health and strength. But I loved many people with whom I had contact, the Sabater family and others, priests, students. Regardless of their condition, and the more needy she felt them, M. Candida loved the people who passed through her life. Candida loved the people who passed through her life.

María de los Ángeles Sebastián Martínez FI. Casa Santíssima Trindade/Brazil

She loved God the Father with all her being, a loving Father who was her strength, her security and her certainty, and on Him she based all her spirituality as a Daughter.

Susi Magalhães, member of the MMC group (Missionários Madre Cândida) Brazil

What Mother Candida loved most was the love and trust of God. This faithful love made her a strong, courageous woman, full of faith, hope and knowledge to re-found education through actions aimed at the most needy and that today are translated into her communities around the world.

María Luisa Berzosa FI. Rome

He loved everything and everyone. His heart knew no bounds, it was immense. He loved above all the simple, the insignificant, the unimportant.

He loved and let himself be loved.

Community of Madrid Mater Purissima.

  • His love for God was so intense that he gave his life out of love for those most in need.
  • A simple, humble woman with such a deep and intense love for God that gave her the strength to take the risk and found a Congregation for the education of the poorest.
  • Mother Candida loved the Virgin so much that she placed the Institute under her protection and repeated throughout her life the phrase “Always carrying Mary Immaculate as the star of our paths”.
  • M. Candida distinguished herself in her adherence to the will of the Father and in her search for the glory of God, traits of our filiation.
  • Candida Mª believes, loves and hopes in God and wants to transmit to the whole world the flame of the same ideal.

Mr. Joji Silorio FI. Manila, Philippines

Mother Candida loves to be on the side of the poor and marginalized like Jesus.

Cochabamba Community – Bolivia

  • Loved being a daughter and caring for others
  • He loved the Virgin Mary, that they should be joyful, the Congregation
  • Loved Jesus and Mary as star and guide
  • Loved God’s will
  • Loved God as Father
  • She loved LIFE because for her LIFE was Jesus and others.

Ma. Salome Daphne Segura – St. Louis. St. James Catholic High School, Maasin, Iloilo, Philippines

Mother Candida loves the poor and needy the most, not only materially, but also those who are poor spiritually”.

Teresa García Román FI. Segovia

M. Candida loved to do God’s will in everything.

Esther Sanz FI. Spain

He loved life…so much that he understood that if it is given out of love, God turns it in a mysterious way into more life, for more people, in more places….

Krisna Cartagena Gregorios, lay educator at Manres school

Mother Candida loved the poor in spirit. Following his example, I also love the poor in spirit. They are those who are close to the heart of Jesus. Like Mother Candida, I experience my nothingness in many ways. I have realized how much I need God’s grace. Sometimes I find myself inadequate, limited, empty, needy and truly poor in spirit. But the Lord meets my needs and showers blessings on me. It lifts me up when I am weak. It comforts me when I am afraid. It enriches me in His way. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted”. (Matthew 5:3-4)

Nazareth School. Mater Dei Community, Indian-Pacific Province

  • Mother Candida loved in the personal way that God, our Father, loved her in spite of her limitations and imperfections. Indeed, God’s love is unconditional, unconditional and continuous. There is nothing you can do to make God love you more and there is nothing you can do to make God love you less.
  • Mother Candida loved to “waste time, not worrying about being with God” in prayer. The more time I spent in contact with Him, the closer I was to Him.
  • Mother Candida loved to be poor, the way to approach the lifestyle of Jesus, poor and humble.

María Alejandra Fernández Alberti, Vice-Director of the Secondary School of the Eucharistic School of La Plata, Argentina,

Mother Candida loved “her poor”, “where there is no place for my poor, there is no place for me”, she said. She had a permanent desire to serve others and God, always putting her attention on those who needed her most.

This is the Love of Mother Candida that first comes to my memories, when I was a little girl and I read her story, narrated in “La Niña del Caserío”, I remember this phrase and this desire to serve others, which is something that always helped me and guided me in many situations of my life.

Patricia Gavranic and Clara Iaconis, Secondary Level Director and Pastoral Team Coordinator. Eucharistic Heart of Jesus School, La Plata Argentina

” … Where there is no place for the poor there is no place for me …” . Today we can translate it into “… where there are excluded the family of the Daughters of Jesus must be present and working for them…”

Isabel Vargas

The Holy Trinity.

Rosario Azcune

To God and Life.

In the kindergarten of the city of La Plata we have many phrases of our Mother Candida, for example: “I like them to be happy”,

“I only for God”, she knew from her adolescence what her vocation, her calling, was. “I like them to be happy” is a phrase that we put into practice in our teaching task so that the children are in a garden full of love, joy and support, providing them with an education in values.

Community of Alcarràs, Lleida

Mother Candida loved the simple life, close relationships, with a desire to do good, with a universal heart and available for sending.