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Vietnam, full of hope and vitality

June 22, 2023

On the occasion of the Visitation of Mary, May 31, and Mother Candida’s birthday, the Daughters of Jesus of Vietnam renew their vows. They are the continuation and the hope of the life of the Congregation.

Jesusa Cao Thi Nghi shares her feelings:

Remembering the day I relived my wish on May 31, I am filled with gratitude.
The retreat, two days before taking the vow, was a good preparation that helped me to look back and see how I was chosen by the Lord in my life in the last year.

This year I have tried very hard to respond to this call, but sometimes on the wrong path, thinking, without knowing it, that my study came first, which separates me from Jesus and my heart from His distancing.

As weak as I am, God chose me, He knows what I was, what I am and what I will be in the future. He knows where I struggle, where I stumble, where I listen and cooperate with Him. Facing my unworthiness and yet experiencing His call gave me confidence. This does not prevent you from calling me. He is willing to conclude this covenant with me. I am His favorite and chosen one.

On the day of the review of my vows, I knew clearly with whom I had made a pact and with whom I had made a vow. He longed for me and longed for me to belong to him. When I said the prayer of the vow, I felt very peaceful and familiar. He chose me and I felt motivated, loved and willing to serve and live this vocation.

I am sure that God will help me, and give me His favor, He has everything for me because He loves me and nothing else. If He puts me to the test, He will keep me in His heart.

After that, we started our summer service in Yi-An, central Vietnam, where we taught English, mathematics, marriage catechesis and visited church members.

Seeing so much need and sensing our inability, I still long to serve you. This vocation moves me and nourishes me through the daily Eucharist, a love that grows. It has given me grace, health and inner peace. Every day I am eager to spread the love I have experienced, not only to receive it, I am eager to share this grace with others and to serve and transmit it with all my heart.