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Why is “sweet” a name?

January 1, 2023

Today the Church celebrates the Sweet Name of Jesus and, for us, his Daughters, it is a reason for celebration and joy.

What does this name have? The recently deceased Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI explained it to us in his book “The Childhood of Jesus”.

The angel instructs Mary, at the Annunciation, and Joseph, in a dream, to lay the child “Jesus”, Jeshua. The name means YHWH is salvation. Thus, the name of JESUS contains in a hidden way the tetragram YHWH (cf. Ex 3,1.13-14; 34,6), the mysterious name of Horeb, extended to the affirmation: God saves. “He will save his people from their sins.” The name of Sinai, which had remained as if to say incomplete, is pronounced to the bottom. The God who is, is the present God and Savior. The revelation of God’s name, begun in the burning bush, is brought to fulfillment in Jesus (cf. Jn 17:26).

The words of Isaiah also resound in us, it will be Emmanuel, God with us (Is. 7,14). Let us be infected on this day by the sweetness of the name of Jesus, by the sweetness of a God who is among us, saves us and sends us to be sweetness for those around us.

Happy Sweet Name of Jesus Day!