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Graciela’s 30th letter: last canonical visits and sending

June 5, 2023

On May 31, Graciela sent a letter on the occasion of the 178th anniversary of the birth of Juana Josefa Cipitria y Barriola, Mother Candida.

In addition to congratulating us and wishing us a day of family celebration with so many lay people who wish to live this charism that the Holy Spirit has awakened in his Church, he also spoke to us about his recent trips to the Philippines, Taiwan and Mozambique in April and May.

It told us thus:

The first thing that comes to my mind is gratitude to the Lord and to each sister for the life she has given and because the Congregation is in such diverse places, in such varied cultures, with works and presences that speak of Jesus in the style of Mother Candida.

There is much in my heart and little I can express in writing. FromPhilippines I highlight the first place where the Daughters of Jesus arrived in 1932, and which remains, Pototan, and the vitality of our sisters and apostolic projects. I am deeply grateful for the welcome and the quality of our interviews, as well as our community meetings.

Taiwan, a totally new reality for me. Meeting our sisters in that country, listening to their concerns, and contemplating such a varied province, with the great challenges of Vietnam and the Continent, are aspects to place before God today and not cease to ask for his help.

The news that Mozambique brought me:in at least two circulars, I shared my concern about Mozambique because of the war. Now I can say that this place is not only war, problems or difficulties but also a place of a lot of life.

I consider that in just a few days I have learned a lot. It was my first time on African soil. With Maria de la O Martinezdelegate from Mozambique, I went to Maputo, Metoro, and Pemba. I hereby inform you that the H. Pilar de la Puerta will continue in Mozambique and send to Spain Sr. H. María Josefa Pérez HernándezWe thank her for her many years of dedication to this country and to this people.

There we began a strong time of discernment. Subsequently, we continued it in Rome through an online meeting of the community, the Delegate, and the General Government. They will now continue the process with Maria de la O. What a life to be thankful for, what a testimony our sisters offer! At some point, I felt that we all had to go through Africa, to feel the external effects of poverty, to share the fate of a people who suffer, who have a capacity for resilience, so necessary today, and who are able to celebrate and celebrate in everyday life.

As we accompany these visits with our prayer and closeness, we continue to pray for each of these mission sites so that the Daughters of Jesus may continue to be a credible presence of the Gospel, of Jesus.