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Echoes of the meeting of the lay with MªInez (II): It is time, it is this time! by Miguel Ruano

June 13, 2016

I would go not into the words directed to us by Maria Inez (what she told us is a lot), but what I saw behind them. They were words from a sister and told us that the Spirit was calling us Lay Christians of the Spirituality of Mother Candida, to put ourselves in the place where we are called and convoked. The time for us to get moving has come; it is time to learn to take steps without fear of stumbling, of falling; to welcome our pettiness, but knowing how to stand, to be mature, to use that gift of the Spirit, called “creativity”. It is knowing how to go to the source where Mother Candida drank, drinking from her person, of the charism received and translating it into the language that we lay Christians must discover, and live it in our condition as lay Christians. It is time to give ourselves a vote of confidence, to get out of our complex of being little; it’s time, the Saint would tell us today, to live our baptism confidently without childishness; and now I will indeed cite a word insistently repeated by Maria Inez: Spirit. “The leadership, our call is from the Spirit, and if the Spirit is the one taking the initiative, then let him act.”
I look at myself, and I look at you, dear friends, and I wonder: will we live up to the demands of the Spirit ? We need to delve into what we have received and that somehow and in the manner of “Ruah” we must respond. We are asked to be mature, we are asked to scrutinize what he wants from us; we are asked, in diversity and in different processes, to break paths together. Upon seeing you last June 4, I sensed that we rejoiced and were fused into one mind. Let us not let it go. Let us ask our sisters in the other branch of the tree of the spirituality of Mother Candida, that we may be formed together, YES TOGETHER, but doing a reading of the charism and spirituality, as Christian laity, with respect to our way of being Church, with our way of being lay Christians of the spirituality of M. Candida. It is our time, it is this time, it’s time.
Thanks, Maria Inez, for looking for us, for encouraging us and making us dream, the dream of the Spirit …
Thanks, Teresa [Pinto], for giving us the opportunity to meet, for the way the province facilitates our journey, and makes us feel that you want us to be what we have to be, in our style.
The Community of the Inter, for their welcome and availability.
Thank you, lay brothers and sisters of the Spirituality of Mother Candida; thanks because I have confirmed that this time is our time, it is the time, as it was that April 2, 1869 with the Rosarillo of Juana Josefa. It is the time of the Spirit. (1 Thes. 5:19)

Miguel Ángel Ruano Sánchez