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FI Youth Meeting in Colombia

October 2, 2023

On September 8, we convened the FI Youths of Colombia to share their experiences of World Youth Day ( WYD ) 2023.

We began our day by placing this meeting in the Lord’s hands, with the desire to live it fully,
and to listen to His message through Pope Francis. We prayed the biblical passage, Luke 1, 39 “Mary arose and departed without delay”, where each young person expressed their feelings and invitation through this biblical quote. It resounded in our hearts the invitation to go out to meet those in need, regardless of the condition in which we find ourselves, only with the desire to serve that moves us to do God’s will.

We continue to praise the Lord by spreading joy and happiness by living the desire of St. Candida “I want you to be joyful in the Lord”.

Sr. Pola, FI shared with the young people the meaning of WYD and its main purpose, which is to gather young people from all over the world with the desire to share our faith and feel like a universal church.

This day allowed us to find a space of love, service, and joy, where the young people themselves transmitted to us the qualities of a young and lively church. Each one carried the message that Jesus transmitted to them. Some of them were:

  • Don’t look someone up and down unless it’s to help them up.
  • We have to find happiness.
  • Be happy and walk into the future.
  • Helping others.
  • Be a better person and help other people.
  • Be friendly and responsible.
  • Share with and serve those in need.
  • Trust in me, I am your refuge, your truth, and your strength.
  • I can get up and approach him.
  • Keep looking and never stop insisting.

Jesus and Mary were with us. It is rewarding to share with the young people and learn from them.

Liliana Marcela Martínez
Valentina Gómez Mancilla
Jóvenes FI Colombia