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Mother General in Vietnam

July 26, 2023

The Superior General, Graciela Francovig has been in Vietnam since July 23, accompanied by her councilor, Councilor Sônia Regina She is visiting Vietnam for the first time, where we have been present as a Congregation since 2012.

Graciela is making her canonical visitation to the juniorate community, currently made up of 9 junior sisters who are at different stages of this stage of formation. They are accompanied by the Superior and Mistress of Juniors, Sr. Agnes Ma Yang . He will also visit the house of the aspirants, where at the moment there are 3 young women with vocational concerns and desires to enter the Congregation.

During these days, besides being with the sisters, we took the opportunity to get to know a little of the social, cultural, ecclesiastical and religious life of the city of Ho Chi Minh CityThe sisters have been able to participate in the Eucharistic celebrations in the parishes that are close to where they live and work apostolically.

Undoubtedly, it is an unknown reality that we are seeing for the first time and we are being touched by the smile and welcome of a friendly people, very simple, attentive and bearer of a very diversified cultural, social and religious richness, where life speaks and seems to develop with much effort and dedication.

Below are some photos that record some of the first days of Mother General’s visit, which will continue until July 30.

Sônia Regina Rosa, fi

Juniorado House

Fatima Parish

Greetings to the Jesuit Provincial