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A #31mayoFI to spread Love

May 30, 2023

Today, May 31, we celebrate with great joy the birth of Mother Candida, Juana Josefa, an extraordinary woman whose legacy continues in our Congregation and in the world.

On this occasion, we would like to thank her once again for her life and bring her to our memory so that she may inspire us on our way. A few days ago we launched the question What did Mother Candida love? and we have received numerous contributions from all corners of the world.

This video invites us to listen carefully to the voices of our Community and allow their words to resonate within us. We ask ourselves: What moves you what Mother Candida loved?


In the answers to this question we have found a common thread. She passionately loved God and people, with the poor she took special care. She loved the Daughters of Jesus and was especially concerned about those who were sick. Her life was a living testimony of unconditional love, selfless service and total dedication. She loved education as a means for the integral development of the person and as a way to transform society. He alsoloved simplicity, humility and unconditional surrender to the will of the Father.

Mother Candida loved Jesus and everything in Him. The ultimate goal and what shapes everything is that I loved Jesus and He is the model that guides us and the one we want to follow.

Let the life and legacy of Mother Candida impel us to love more deeply, to serve generously and to live in communion with our brothers and sisters.

Happy #31mayoFI!